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What is Divider?

In ILLA Cloud, the divider component is a visual element that helps to separate or divide sections of content within a web application. It is a simple horizontal line or vertical line that can be inserted between different sections or components to improve the visual organization and clarity of the user interface.


Textadd additional information to the divider component
Text aligndetermines the horizontal alignment of the text within the divider component
Hiddenhide the divider component from the user interface
Text sizeadjust the font size of the text within the divider component


The component has some commonly used data, which can be called via {{componentName.propertyName}} in the app.

Property nameDescription
colorSchemedefines the color of the text in the component
displayNamerepresents the name or label assigned to the component
fsfile system (fs) associated with the divider
hiddenboolean value that determines whether the component is visible or hidden
textthe text value

Example: {{divider1.text}}

Use case

You can place it anywhere you want to divide the page into two sections. Here we will show the divider with three different text alignments.