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You can group related components together in a card using the Container component. Containers also support multiple views that allow you to separate content into distinct views that users can switch between.

Containers function like any other component. Once added, you can group components within it by pressing D or K and dragging them onto the Container.

Multiple views

Containers support multiple views for grouping content. You can set views in Views section of the Inspect tab. Only one view is visible at a time and users switch between them by changing the current view of the Container component.

Use other components to change views

You can use other components to control containers by add an event handlers to other components. The following methods are supported:

  1. Set current view by key
  2. Set current view by index
  3. Show the next (visible) view
  4. Show the previous (visible) view

Connect a tab to a container

You can use a tab component to control a container by switching on Link to a container of the Inspect tab.

After linking to a container, labels of tabs will change to the labels of views. You can change views by clicking tabs without event handlers.