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V 4.2


πŸš€ New features​

Introducing ILLA Flow, a powerful automated workflow tool that allows you to build automated workflows quickly and integrate with your business tools. Automate tedious tasks and focus on business.

Unlike other similar tools, ILLA Flow is specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly with applications built using ILLA Builder, enabling developers to trigger flows directly within their applications. ILLA Flow beta supports the following features:

  • Workflow Automation: ILLA Flow empowers developers to automate their workflows, eliminating manual tasks and increasing productivity. By defining triggers and actions, developers can create custom workflows that execute seamlessly.
  • Extensive Trigger Options: ILLA Flow provides flexible trigger options, including scheduled triggers and webhook triggers. With scheduled triggers, developers can set specific times for flows to execute, offering precise control over workflow automation. Webhook triggers enable developers to initiate flows based on incoming HTTP requests, enabling seamless integration with external systems and services.
  • Broad Action Support: ILLA Flow offers support for various actions commonly used in development scenarios. This includes integration with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, allowing developers to perform database operations as part of their workflows. Additionally, ILLA Flow supports REST API integration, enabling developers to interact with external services and perform actions such as data transformation.
  • Seamless Integration with ILLA Builder: ILLA Flow is designed to seamlessly integrate with applications built using ILLA Builder. This integration enables developers to trigger flows directly within their applications, enhancing the overall functionality and automation capabilities of their applications.
  • Customizability and Versatility: ILLA Flow is highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor workflows to their specific requirements. With its versatile capabilities, ILLA Flow can cover a wide range of application scenarios, making it suitable for various development projects.

πŸ› Bug fix​

  • Fixed the issue where the selection of events in the audit log was not working properly.
  • Resolved the problem causing the default view of containers to become ineffective.

πŸ’… Polish​

  • Users now have the ability to change the application name within the app itself.
  • Improved data synchronization between the app and the dashboard when making edits to the application name.