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V 3.5


πŸš€ New features​

  • ILLA Drive Action
    • You can perform the following operations on files in ILLA Drive using actions: list, upload, download, and delete.
  • Directly upload files or pick files via component inspect panel
    • For the following components: Image, Carousel, Video, and Audio.
    • you can now directly select existing files from ILLA Drive or upload new files through the Inspect panel of these components. The selected or uploaded files will be displayed on the respective components.

πŸ› Bug fix​

  • Fixed the issue where the "Set router" method was unable to select a child page.

πŸ’… Polish​

  • Optimizations for the image component
    • Supports setting automatic height or fixed height.
    • When set to automatic height, you can specify the image aspect ratio, and the height will be calculated automatically based on the fixed ratio.
    • You can change the shape of the component by setting a radius. For example, setting the radius to 50% when the image ratio is {{1}} will display the image in a circular shape.